On this page, you will find everything you need to know to upload your database quickly, easily, and in three different ways, use that one you prefer 😉

How can I load my database?

There are two ways to load your database from emBlue : 

  • one to one  
  • Importing a CSV file 

Both ways are very easy to address and the appropriate option will depend on the previous information you have and, of course, the size of your database.

1 to 1 uploading option 

  1. Go to the «Contacts» tab
  2. Click on the red plus sign (+) 

3. Choose the option «Add Single».

4. Once there, you can upload the person’s email and the different custom fields that you want to upload (first name, phone number, etc).

Finally, you must select the option where you want to add this contact to an existing group, to a new one (you can see HERE how to create a new group), or not to add to any group.

If these are your first steps in emBlue, we recommend you add these contacts to a new group. Once you have chosen the option you want, you just have to press » OK». 

Video Here 

emBlue Marketing Cloud – Watch Video

Importing a CSV file 

Before upload your file, you must save your registers database in a CSV format. If you have it in a spreadsheet like Excel, what you should do is go to «save as» and there you will find the CSV option.

Once you have your CVS file ready: 

  1. Go to the » Contacts » tab and click  Click on the red plus sign (+)

2. Select the option «Import file»

3. Browse the file you want to upload on your computer and press the “open” option 4. You will see a progression bar at the lower left of the emBlue App screen, once this bar turns green, the file is already uploaded

5. Click on the green bar and will be able to see the uploaded results

6. Match de different custom fields you want to add to the platform

7. Finally, select where you want to send these contacts, to a new group or an existing one.  Your database is ready to start sending 😀

Is the file taking a long time to load? It is normal if you have a large volume database. Don’t worry: it may take a few minutes. 

How to avoid errors when loading your database

Either doing it manually or importing a file, uploading your database to emBlue is very easy. Still, if some details are not paid attention to, we may not be able to move forward with the upload or some errors may appear upon completion. 

What are the most common problems when uploading a database?

  • Errors in the format of your files. 

Errors can occur if the files you upload to emBlue are not in the correct format, and this can happen for several reasons. 

  • All the files you upload must be in CSV format, so this is the first thing you should check. If this is ok, check that it is not separated by commas and that each column has its title. 
  • In order for emBlue platform to detect the main fields, we must make sure that we name each column accordingly. and match each column with the correspondent customer field Ex » first email » with custom field «email»; 
  • The fields in emBlue can be text, numeric, or date. Check the format of the fields well and make sure not to load text info in a field configured as numeric or date and vice versa. Also, note that numeric fields cannot contain decimal values. For that, you must use a text field.
  • If you have the Country data in your database, keep in mind that you can only load this information by putting the ISO code in that column. What does this mean? If a contact at your base is from Argentina , in the column of your CSV file it should say “ar” . You can check the ISO codes of each country here .
  • Drawbacks with the submit button

Sometimes it happens that when the database load is finished, the Submit button does not appear. This can happen for different reasons, to which we must pay attention. 

  • Check that there are no empty columns in your database. If there are, you must delete them. 
  • Check if your database has custom fields that you have not created in emBlue before loading. If so, you must create them 
  • Problems with file size. 

The CSV file with your database may be too big for a single upload. The maximum size recommended is 50mbs, so if you exceed it, you will have to divide your base and do the upload in two stages. 

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