emBlue allows you to add unlimited email addresses that you can use as your test email group, to send a test campaign before sending the official ones.  

This group will allow you to send test emails after sending real campaigns to a selected group of people

  1. To create a Test Group go to «Configuration» > “My Preferences” > “Test Group”.

 2. Then click on the red plus icon «+» to create a new test group and then name it.

3. Select the red-cross icon to add the emails to that specific test group 

You can create an unlimited number of test groups and add an unlimited number of test emails. Be sure that you are adding real emails.  

 emBlue will send an automatic email to the person requesting authorization to be part of the created Test Group.

When the person accepts, it will appear in the Configuration as «Verified». Otherwise, it will have the “Pending” status. You can resend the request to him if he does not answer.

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