Do you want to start making conversations? one of the first steps to start is to configure your email Sender (the email where your contacts will receive your communications). 

In this article, we will help you to configure the mailboxes that you want to use as sender and as a reply box. 

You can also complete the information that corresponds to your company: name, telephone, address, ZIP, city, and country. This information serves to enrich the identification as a real email sender and not fall into spam, so fill in all the information you can 🙂 

¿How do I create and configure the sender?

When you start using emBlue, the first thing the platform will ask you to do is to configure your Sender. This will be your main Sender. 

If after completing this mandatory step you want to add a new Sender or edit the one you already have, you must access the «Configuration» section, enter «Campaigns» and click on «Sender». 

There you will see a plus sign (+) that will allow you to create a new Sender.

When you click, you will see a dialog window that will allow you to put the  name (the Name frome where your contacts will see your communications) and the emails  Sender . The name can be that of your company, that of the area or the agent that will send the communications, to name a few examples. It will be the name that will appear in the recipients’ inbox .

What data do I need to complete to configure the sender?

This last screen is the one you see when you click on the created Sender. On the right side there are certain fields that you must complete. In the «email From» and «email Reply» options, you have to complete the field with the box that you want to use as sender and the one that you will use to receive responses. These boxes must exist and be corporate domain (you can not create your sender with boxes like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). You can place the same box or a different one for each option.

For your sender to stop being «Incomplete» it is necessary to complete the company information fields present below the from and reply emails. These data are the ones that will appear at the bottom of all your sendings as «Contact details». 

Why your sender appears as an «Insecure Sender».?

 This is because you have to complete some configurations that we recommend to have a trusted sender: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Once they are configured you will see your sender as «emBlue Trusted Sender». While you are not required to configure them, it is a good practice that will improve your deliverability rate. Click here to see how to configure them

If you want to edit a field on the sender, you can do so by clicking on the one you are going to modify and then selecting the pencil icon:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us!

At emBlue we want to help you 😉

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